OmuPeakis the highest mountain from the Bucegi (2.505 m). If you really want to experience have a “view from top”, it’s well worth it trekking up to the Omu Peak. Asides from the view, you will have the opportunity to spot unique plant species and rare animals’ species, such as the black Carpathian goat.

The Bran Castle

Perhaps the most famous Romanian castle of all is the Bran Castle, the legendary castleof Dracula. The castle was first mentioned in official documents in 1377, when King Louis I of Hungary gave the Saxons of Brasov the privilege to build a stone citadel on their own expense. Having a history of more than 700 years behind, theBranCastleis worth visiting, not only to discover Dracula’s traces.

In the 1920s, the castle was the favorite home and retreat of Queen Marie of Romania.

Romanian locals in Bucegi Mountains

Other tourist attractions in the Bucegi Mountains

TheBucegiMountainshave a lot to offer and anyone who’s enjoying active vacations is bound to discover at least one favorite place. Other things you could discover in theBucegi Mountains are Ialomita cave, Urlatoarea waterfall, the Cantacuzino Castle, the Caraiman Peak or Poiana Crucii Natural Reservation.

If you would like to see all the beautiful places above or discover special places on your own, try a 2-day trekking tour in the Bucegi Mountains.

relaxing with the sheep in Bucegi