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“How many times have you visited the Peles Castle?”

I`ve been touring since 2007 and have been handling a minimum of 50 tours each year.

Of course not all the tours include a tour of the Peles Castle but at least 30 of them do.

I`m therefore estimating a minimum 300 visits made to the picturesque and fairy-tale- like castle nestled at the foot of the Bucegi range, and you know what? I still can’t get enough of this magnificent place.

“One also needs luck to reach the rooftop of Romania”

We’ve guided our tourists to the highest peak of Romania – the Moldoveanu peak, towering at an impressive 2,544m.

The peak is quite hard to “conquer” due to its location, deep in the heart of the Carpathians.

Chalets, cabins and shelters in general are far between, and this is why you need at least two days to reach it. We have tried a different approach, by driving on the forest road with a 4X4, and then continuing with an 8-hour hike to the summit.

Our choice was proven right, and as we reached the valley beyond the forest, the sun light pierced the clouds and let a perfect blue sky be witness to our ascent to Romania’s highest peak…