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Beautiful pictures of Bucharest, useful insights, personal stories, and travel tips from my adventures in the Romanian Capital.

The legend of Bucharest is related to the name of a rich shepherd named Bucur. He had a large flock of sheep, sturdy and fearless dogs, strong donkeys and beautiful horses. At his sheepfold, Bucur held many disciples and shepherds not only proficient but also strong, as they had to deal with both the wild animals and the intruders moving in those dangerous times.

To defend himself, Bucur built a large house on the banks of the Dâmbovița, and surrounded it with a high fence of thick logs, like a real city wall. After a while, he also built a small church, which has been preserved to this day – “The Church of Bucur”.

Over the years, more and more Romanians, Greeks, Russians, and Turks have settled here. And so, around the house of the shepherd, after hundreds of years, it formed a large settlement that people told Bucharest and became the capital of Romania.

According to another variant, Bucharest was founded by Mircea cel Bătrân at the end of the 14th century. The first mention of the town appears in 1459.